Introducing PaxLift

Award-Winning Passenger cabin
lifting from ground level to 8 meters

Easy access and great manouvrability to reach the aircraft door. A smooth and seamless experience for VIP or mobility-restricted passengers.

All-wheel steer & integrated suspension; space for six wheelchair passengers with assistants, compact footprint, with a small turning radius and a modern, comfortable passenger experience.

Levels of interior design are available to suit all budgets, with the emphasis on comfort, space efficiency and safety.

Purpose-built, by a manufacturer you can trust.


The Next-Gen Ambulift
for VIPs and passengers with reduced mobility

A purpose-built, innovative vehicle, for safe & comfortable passenger transportation: not an adapted commercial or industrial vehicle.

Free movement, even with the cabin raised, provides an extremely safe and time efficient docking process.

Another Satisfied PaxLift Customer

December 16th, 2020|Comments Off on Another Satisfied PaxLift Customer

Despite the tough travel restrictions, it’s been a busy end to the year with a new delivery and visit from our latest satisfied customer.

AHM 913 Compliance

December 16th, 2020|Comments Off on AHM 913 Compliance

PaxLift conforms to the AHM 913 standard with no-touch, auto-stop approach

“PaxLift…ticks a lot of boxes that others do not.”
Ground Handling International
“…compact, ideal for congested aprons, being a mere 2.55m wide, and is built for the comfort of its passengers.”
Airside International
“…PaxLift overcomes the disadvantages of traditional, modified ambulift vehicles while retaining a small ground footprint.”
Airside International
“The solution avoids the inherent problems associated with adapted PRM vehicles, such as chain maintenance, slow loading times and uncomfortable, often manually intensive, experiences for passengers.”
Ground Support Worldwide
“…a new PRM transporter which provides precise control and maximum comfort within a small footprint and single driver operation.”
Airports International
“allows the sort of attention to detail for passenger comfort that hasn’t otherwise been feasible”
Airside International
“…offers one-man operation, four-wheel steering and other safety features to protect passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) as well as the aircraft on the ramp.”
Ground Support Worldwide

Proudly built by Baumann.

We have a proud and distinguished history, combining a generation of engineering expertise with modern craftmanship and a spirit of innovation. Our award-winning industrial sideloader machines are market leaders, and our first machine for PRM was built over a decade ago.

Setting a new standard in PRM transport.

PaxLift delivers safety and comfort; speed and accuracy.

By designing a new purpose-built machine specifically for passengers, Baumann has overcome the disadvantages of traditional modified vehicles…

  • There’s no separate lifting required to access the cabin, improving speed and comfort.
  • The driver and PRM are able to see one another.
  • Travelling is smooth and comfortable.
  • Vision and turning is excellent.
  • Extended lateral movement is not necessary.
  • Lifting is achieved without chains.
  • High payload capacities are possible.


  • Automatic speed reduction to 2 km/h in the lifting mode
  • PLC system for failure diagnose
  • Fire extinguisher (dry-powder) and first aid kit
  • Emergency shut-off with four buttons
  • Wide angle camera and video system with four cameras for monitoring the operations
  • Door locking system for lifting operations
  • Automatic vehicle stop for approaching the aircraft
  • Passenger cabin with fixation rails on the bottom for wheelchairs, 6 foldable seats sidewise, one fire extinguisher and first aid kit, white ceiling lights for embarking/disembarking, green ceiling lights for driving, one white light for driver’s stand


  • Driving speed up to 30km/h
  • Climbing power = 12%
  • Turning radius of less than 8 meters
  • Seamless lifting process, without any jerky movements or lateral movements of the passenger cabin
  • Nato-socket for external power supply
  • Lifting equipment designed to guarantee operations with wind conditions of 100km/h
  • Purpose-built and patented lifting columns without chains
  • Laser point indication on aircraft fuselage
  • Laser measuring system for distance to aircraft with display in cabin

Quality Standards

  • EU machinery directive 2006/42/EG
  • EN 1915 part 1, 2, 3 and 4 for aircraft ground support equipment
  • EN 12312-14 Aircraft ground support equipment – Specific requirements – Part 14: Disabled/incapacitated passenger boarding vehicles
  • Relevant IATA AHMs, specifically: AHM 909, Summary of Unit Load, AHM 910 Basic requirements for aircraft ground support equipment, AHM 911 Requirements for Compatibility with Aircraft Unit Load Devices, AHM 913 Basic safety requirements for aircraft ground support equipment, AHM 921r Boarding/De-Boarding Vehicle for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), AHM 923 Elevating Passenger Transfer Vehicle

An ingenious lifting solution

Raising passengers smoothly and without a pantograph, mast or chains.
…how on earth do we do it?

Three lifting columns with integrated suspensions makes the operation fast and smooth, whilst the hydraulic powered steering axle ensures continuous reliability and performance.

All wheel steer & integrated suspension provides a tighter turning circle, clearer view and smaller footprint.

How did we get here?

We first began working on ground support equipment over a decade ago when we worked with Lufthansa Leos and Catcon to produce the first sideloader based trucks. Our experience with industrial sideloaders, for which we have won the prestigious FLTA Award for Innovation, led us to look at new ways of providing safer, smoother and more practical ways to transport PRM and VIP passengers.




State-of-the-art technology, that’s how.

Forgive us for not going into too much detail at this stage, but if you want to find out more, we are happy to discuss them with you!

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Our current XL model is designed for a up to 6 wheel chairs and 6 assistants.

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