For many airports and airlines, it is important to prevent ground support equipment (GSE) and machinery coming into contact with the aircraft for safety reasons.

Following the latest Airport Handling Manual (AHM) from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), it is now an industry-approved standard for all GSE machinery to have a no-touch policy.

Therefore, we are very pleased to announce PaxLift has become one of the first ambulifts with a no-touch system, and is not required to come into contact with the aircraft it supports.

The new system comprises of four sensors which control the approach to the aircraft, and stops the PaxLift once it reaches a safe position. An automatic swivelling system for the platform has been integrated, and functions without the need to touch the aircraft to operate.

Klaus Pirpamer, managing director of PaxLift, comments: “With the new upgrade to a no-touch system, we are achieving a safe and controlled position in relation to the aircraft. Passengers with reduced mobility can be safely transported to their seats without our machinery coming into unnecessary contact with the aircraft.”

Many airlines forbid contact with the aircraft by ground support equipment to minimise damage and risk to passengers. Klaus concludes: “We are pleased we can now offer a solution that fully aligns to industry-approved policies and standards for GSE. Our team is committed to continuing to improve the PaxLift in line with the requirements of airports and airlines.”