We are delighted to be a main sponsor at the GSE & Ramp-Ops event in April 2017.

The first event sponsored by PaxLift, GSE & Ramp-Ops 2017 brings together the buyers, users and manufacturers of GSE equipment to discuss how to drive the sector forward.

In addition to GSE procurement strategies, the GSE & Ramp Ops conference  also incorporates elements of aircraft de-icing, as well as how the industry can best prevent damage to aircraft on the ground. The 2017 event will also feature a plenary session, bringing together top-level industry experts to discuss the big issues facing our industry.

Attracting aviation leaders and offering industry an insight into where opportunities and growing markets are to be found,  the event also provides an important networking forum for all the key players in this sector.

Speakers and delegates will be leading industry decision-makers and influencers, with years of experience and knowledge in the GSE and ramp operations field – airlines, airport authorities, ground handlers, GSE manufacturers, financiers and equipment lessors – each a specialist keen to share their knowledge.