PaxLift, a new PRM transporter from Italian manufacturer, Baumann, has been granted a new European patent status ahead of its launch in early 2017.

The machine is the first purpose-built GSE machine of its type and has overcome the disadvantages of traditional modified ‘Ambulift’ vehicles.

Raising passengers smoothly and without a pantograph, stabilizers, mast or chains, the PaxLift utilizes three lifting columns to provide a smooth, safe lift, with fully hydraulic suspension for maximum comfort during driving.

The solution avoids the inherent problems associated with adapted PRM vehicles, such as chain maintenance, slow loading times and uncomfortable, often manually intensive, experiences for passengers. There’s also complete free movement with the cabin raised.

“We saw a need for a high quality passenger cabin with lifting capacity from ground level up to 8,000mm,” says managing director, Klaus Pirpamer, “something which does not require steps nor an additional lifting platform, offers easy access and great maneuverability to reach the airplane door, and is in keeping with the Baumann ethos of quality and reliability.”

Baumann has almost 50 years of experience in development, design and production of industrial vehicles. Its award-winning industrial side-loaders are recognized around the world as brand leaders, offering exemplary performance.

The in-house design team first developed and produced a machine for PRM over a decade ago. In recent years the company has won awards and recognition for its innovation in the side-loader market, where turning circles, lift heights and travelling distances are also key product facets.

Technical director, Riccardo Bove, masterminded the company’s latest award, the 2016 FLTA Award for Innovation Excellence, and helped develop the new thinking behind the PaxLift. Says Riccardo: “Our previous experience in aircraft ground support and our work with industrial equipment gave us the insights to design the next generation ‘Ambulift’. One that gives precise control and maximum comfort within a small footprint – just 2,550mm wide, and 3,100mm high when travelling.”

Since 1969, Baumann has remained privately owned and based at their specialized manufacturing facility in Cavaion, on the shores of Lake Garda. A family company to this day, Baumann now sells its 3 to 50 tonnes side-loaders worldwide through 106 dealers in 76 countries, offering professional technical support, training and parts supply to customers and distributors.

“The evolution of PaxLift was a natural consequence of our earlier work in this field,” adds Pirpamer. “We began collaborating on ground support equipment when we worked with Lufthansa Leos and Catcon to produce the first side-loader based trucks. Whilst this type of equipment is still on the market, our experience with raising and transporting materials led us to look at new and better ways of providing safer, smoother and more practical ways to transport PRM and VIP passengers.”

With a proud and distinguished history, combining generations of engineering expertise, modern craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation, Baumann believes their equipment has to present a high standard of quality.