PaxLift’s new design will feature high powered external LEDs, beacons to indicate lifting and lowering and cooling interior strip lights.

PaxLift MD, Klaus Pirpamer, said this model is the most advanced yet, with a host of innovations designed to improve the operator and passenger experience. Said Klaus: “We are constantly reviewing the way the PaxLift performs in real world environments. This iteration of PaxLift adds sophistication and safety. It’s something we are very proud of.”

The award-winning PRM machine initially impressed GSE experts for its stability and performance, something that becomes very noticeable in high winds. Raising passengers smoothly and without a pantograph, stabilizers, mast or chains, PaxLift utilises three lifting columns to provide a smooth, safe lift, with fully hydraulic suspension for maximum comfort during driving.

“Lighting is a crucial element of the overall performance and we have made upgrades inside and out. The apron tends to be a brightly lit area at night, but we are also road legal and therefore capable of taking passengers over large distances. We want the passenger experience to be as comfortable as possible and the operation to be a safe as possible.”

The newest addition to the fleet will go into operation next month.