The latest PaxLift has taken flight, heading to a new home at DUS airport.

PaxLift MD, Klaus Pirpamer, said this model is the most advanced yet, with a host of innovations designed to improve the operator and passenger experience. Said Klaus: “We are constantly reviewing the way the PaxLift performs in real world environments. This iteration of PaxLift adds sophistication and safety. It’s something we are very proud of.”

The award-winning PRM machine initially impressed GSE experts for its stability and performance, something that becomes very noticeable in high winds. Raising passengers smoothly and without a pantograph, stabilizers, mast or chains, PaxLift utilises three lifting columns to provide a smooth, safe lift, with fully hydraulic suspension for maximum comfort during driving.

“Some advances, like the no-touch approach, are industry-led,” adds Klaus, “but much of the improvements come from our own experience over years in the field. We’ve improved and simplified the access ramp to give a smoother passenger experience. We’ve also solved issues related to an off-set door approach where the operator remains behind the safety barrier at all times.”

The newest addition to the fleet will go into operation with Klüh Multiservices later this month.